A combination of the latest virtual reality technology, learning hub and realistic machine controls for operator training and testing in the construction industry. Drive safety and profitability with capable equipment operators.


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Construction Machine Training for the 21st Century

Introducing WorksiteVR™ Simulator, a revolutionary way for effective and efficient operator training and testing. WorksiteVR™ Simulator is a combination of the latest virtual reality technology, learning hub and realistic machine controls. Training modules included allow operators to learn, practice and assess their skills in an engaging simulated work environment. The unique combination of virtual reality and hands on training ensures the availability of skilled equipment operators, dramatically lowering your costs and increasing the safety of your personnel. The product is portable and highly affordable.

What Komatsu Training Experts are saying about WorksiteVR Simulator

"This product is awesome. Its opened up a whole new regime of
training for customers all over the world. It’s a super tool!"

Craig Summerfield - Komatsu Customer Applications Manager

"It’s the closest thing you can get to sitting on a real excavator."

Carl Grundy - Komatsu National Utility Sales Manager

Ben Swift - Development Manager

Craig Summerfield - Komatsu Customer Applications Manager

Carl Grundy - Komatsu National Utility Sales Manager

Increase Safety

Train many green operators quickly and to a high standard.

Increase your operator’s ability to handle high adrenaline situations confidently and safely.

Controlled Environment

Ensure training can be delivered anytime day or night, regardless of weather conditions.

Know the skill level of equipment operators before setting them to work on your job site.

Assess Skill

Allow operators to accurately measure their skill level and train in a range of different tasks.

Train for situations too dangerous or costly to train for using the actual equipment.

Dramatically Lower Cost

Train operators in the safest environment without burning diesel or adding hours to your machine.

Reduce risk of construction contract delivery by ensuring the right staff, minimal downtime of equipment and safe operations.

Self-Paced Learning Design

Self-paced and guided learning without the need for a trainer.

Opportunities for continued operator skill development and refresher training as and when required – no waiting time.

Real-time feedback and scoring within tasks allows operators to independently monitor their progress and identify areas for improvement.

Construction Equipment Operator Training Revolutionized

What's in
the Box

The WorksiteVR™ Simulator comes with a complete set of physical controls to perform all the necessary tasks by construction equipment.

Base set for construction size Excavator:

  • VR Headset
  • VR spec PC and peripherals
  • Joysticks
  • Pedals

Base set for sandpit Wheel Loader (Coming soon):

  • VR Headset
  • VR spec PC with peripherals
  • Steering Wheel
  • Pedals
  • Bucket Control Levers

WorksiteVR™ Simulator Highlights

Unparalleled level of visibility

Authentic 3D virtual environment provides a highly memorable, highly focused environment free from distractions while engaging simulation environment improves learning retention and recall levels.

Fully integrated learning center

Easily setup curriculum and module access, provide consistent training and allow operators to independently navigate through each module within a curriculum. The Learning HUB also hosts reports and operators results for centrally administered and managed operator training programs.

Realistic machine controls

Physical controls coupled with the virtual environment enables operator to experience the look and feel of the real machine. Joysticks and pedals provide the opportunity for mechanical and physical feedback to the operator.

Combination audio, video and eLearning instruction

All adult learning styles are catered for allowing operators to learn by seeing, hearing and doing.

Download WorksiteVR™ Simulator Brochure for Komatsu

New Virtual Reality Tool: WorksiteVR Simulator - Wheel Loader from Immersive Technologies

30 November, 2017

Following the global launch of WorksiteVR™  Excavator earlier this year, Immersive Technologies have announced the release of their latest machine – the WorksiteVR Simulator – Wheel Loader. With a level of visibility, machine realism and guided learning design customers worldwide have come to expect from WorksiteVR Simulators, the new Wheel Loader simulator is no exception.

WorksiteVR Simulator, Addresses the Need for Skilled Equipment Operators, Now Deployed in Eight Countries

31 August, 2017

In the few short months since its launch, WorksiteVR™ Simulator from Immersive Technologies, has seen rapid growth globally. After its debut at ConExpo in March, units have now been shipped to customers in eight countries around the world.

Komatsu has chosen to deploy multiple units and actively support the development of the WorksiteVR  Simulator. Komatsu Ltd. has signed an agreement with Immersive Technologies, to distribute this product via the Komatsu global distribution network.

Construction Equipment Operator Training Revolutionized with New Virtual Reality Tool from Immersive Technologies

21 February, 2017

Finding and keeping trained, skilled heavy equipment operators is one of the greatest challenges facing the construction industry. With tight schedules and increased project risk there is less and less room for human error and poor performance at crucial phases like site preparation.

Immersive Technologies, the global leader in advanced simulator development for heavy equipment training, is using leading edge technology to bring versatile and effective simulation based operator training to the construction field with their new virtual reality tool, WorksiteVR™ Simulator.

WorksiteVR™ Simulator Gallery

Immersive Technologies has 24 years developing high end training simulators for the mining and earthmoving industries. Our technologies and expertise in operator training ensure the delivery of a virtual reality product with the highest realism, training effectiveness and machine accuracy. Advanced understanding in the complexity of material modelling, machine accuracy, training know-how and customer support as well as a dedicated research and development team staying current on latest technological advancements ensures you are partnering with a highly reputable and lasting company.

WorksiteVR™ Simulator

Powered by Immersive Technologies

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